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Privacy and information security does not have to be expensive. Your privacy and cyber security B2B solution in response to hacker attacks

doctor's office

Securime supports your practice as external data protection officer in dealing with sensitive personal data.

tax consultant

With securime, your tax office can reconcile all DSGVO obligations with just one software.

law firms

Your law firm can implement everything related to DSGVO and also advise other clients. Simple, fast, secure and scalable.
In four steps to the privacy expert

Work Process

The digital assistant from securime takes over the expertise for you and guides you easily, intuitively and safely through all obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO).
  • Register for free
    Register with a free account and learn more about the privacy starter's features.
  • Answering questions
    The digital assistant will ask you simple questions that you answer. This is how the data protection starter navigates you step by step through all duties and tasks of the DSGVO.
  • Implement recommendations for action
    You will receive individual recommendations for action in order to be able to optimally fulfill your obligation to provide documentation and documentation under the GDPR.
  • Received certification
Satisfied costumers
Trainings throughout Germany

Our services

The data protection starter guides you step by step through all obligations under the EU GDPR - simply, intuitively and cost-effectively
With our automated Pentest tool you can test your IT security according to your wishes.
We analyze your technical and organizational security and examine the possibilities of targeted attackers.
Our digital assistant will help you to implement or further develop an information security management system according to ISO 27001.
Our cyber insurance has been specifically designed to meet the needs of small and medium businesses and helps you before, during and after the damage.
We offer you a professional and exciting data protection training with proof of expertise according to article 37 EU-DSGVO and § 38 DS-AnpUG-EU.


“I use the datenschutzstarter.de securime for my clients.As a law firm, I always get questions about privacy.
Thanks to the automated recommendation for action, I can accept more clients and customize my own content. Only recommended. “

Albert Arndt – Lawyer


“The application of datenschutzstarter.de was super easy and fast.I was able to orient myself well and to independently implement the requirements of the DSGVO for tax consultants – a complete success.”

Mia Rose – tax consultant


“It’s especially important for us to have a reliable partner who can respond to and implement the changing cyber security needs of our medical practice at all times – I can only recommend securime!”

Aik Müller- orthopedist


“After a desperate search, I came across securime and the cyber security solution.
Super competent team and excellent service. Thank you very much. “

Angela Hammack – Digital entrepreneur


Our team

Billy Jazosch

Billy Jazosch


Sekina Mandelartz

Sekina Mandelartz


Tarek mandelartz

Tarek mandelartz


Bahij Sayegh

Bahij Sayegh

Cyber security specialist

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What is securime?

Securime stands for Security for me pronounced [sekurimi]. Security for me means security for me. Securime’s committed goal is to ensure a protected digital Berlin, Germany, Europe and the world. Privacy, DSGVO and cyber security can be overwhelming for businesses.

securime now wants to create a simple solution for everyone. We make it possible for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), without in-depth expert knowledge, to transpose the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) and information security (IT Security) for short.

Our team will help you become or find an external data protection officer in 4 steps.

Data protection software from Securime

There is our privacy program Privacy Starter. As the internal data protection officer, he will guide you step by step through the EU-DS-GVO. The data protection starter provides you with recommendations for action and sample documents after a needs analysis in order to implement the technical and organizational measures in accordance with the law. You can also become or find an External Privacy Officer in 4 steps. With a good privacy check you can protect yourself from warnings. Disclaimer Privacy can be supported by BAFA promotions.

BSI basic protection

Our goal is to sustainably promote the protection goals Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability in SMEs. In addition to a good internal or external data protection officer, penetration tests or vulnerability analyzes can be carried out. The aim is to promote basic protection at a technical level in the company. A cyber security insurance brings a worry-free package and is liable in case of damage from IT failures due to hacking attacks, backups or image damage.


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